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Amplify your Birth Affirmations.

The Amplify Your Birth Affirmations Workshop is here to
sprinkle that magic dust on your birth journey!

Get ready for a boost of positivity, strength, and all-around good vibes.

Course Includes;

  1. Calling Out Our Birth Fears: Let's look at what you're worried about so we can flip the script with the use of affirmations.

  2. Personalized Affirmations: Make affirmations for YOU. Nothing generic happening here.

  3. See the Evidence: Affirmations aren't just some woo-woo thing, there's science behind how words shape our thoughts, and affect our hormones (which is a big deal when it comes to birth).

  4. Connect with Birth Buddies: Because sharing this wild ride makes it even more awesome, and can help keep you on track!

Bonus 🎉

5 positive birth guided meditation audio files.

          25 printable birth affirmations

Next Session: Wednesday February 28 @ 6:30pm (CST)

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