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My name is Katrina Tessier.

I'm a certified doula through MACFE & certified HypnoDoula through HypnoBabies.


I've been passionate about birth since having my own daughter in 2014.

When giving birth in Victoria, BC, I feel lucky that my one and only birth went (mostly) as planned. I had the support of a midwife & doula, along with my husband. I saw how much a doula supported not only myself but my partner, and it inspired me to offer other families the same support.


My goal is to support you through birth so you can look back on it as a positive, supported, and empowering experience. That you can feel heard, and in control of what will likely be one the most memorable days of your life. 

I will always support your birth plan from an unbiased point of view, no matter what choices you make in your birth. From an unmedicated home-birth to a medicated hospital birth, and everything in-between, I'm here to help you.

My training with HypnoBabies will let me show you how a mindset shift can create a physical shift, and when we work to clear out our fears, the results can be beautiful. I believe our thoughts shape our reality and when we can think and speak of birth without fear, judgement, & uncertainty, it can enhance the birthing experience.

Want to know more?

Book in a free consultation with me and let's get to know each other!

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The difference a doula makes.


*Bohren, M.A., Hofmeyr, G., Sakala, C., et al. (2017). “Continuous support for women during childbirth.” Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2017, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD003766.

Birth Services


Birth Plan | $99

Birth plan sessions are approximately 2 hour sessions, which we discuss what's important to you during your birth, discuss options on how to achieve those goals and make a birth plan document that can be shared with care givers & birth partners. 


Birth Doula | $599

Birth Doula package includes 2 prenatal visits (birth plan package + birth prep meeting), 24/7 on call from 36 weeks until birth, assistance at birth from active labour until 2 hours postpartum, & 1 postpartum visit.

The birth prep meeting is typically done with any birth partners present to learn birthing positions, comfort techniques, and answer any questions. 


HypnoBirth Doula | $799

HypoBirth doula package works along side HypnoBabies birth training.

Includes full Birth Doula package, plus fear clearing hypnosis session & HypnoBirth rehearsal for a total of 4 pre-natal visits & 1 postpartum visit

Payment plans available.

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