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Grab This To Help You Through Labour!

If you're hoping to have an unmedicated birth you may be on the hunt for natural ways to cope with labour, and this little tool gets rave reviews as a contraction distraction.

A toothed comb is a great way to distract from labour pains while using what's known as the Gate Control Theory.

The Gate Control Theory: This theory suggests that when you stimulate other nerves in the body, it can help block or "close the gate" to pain signals traveling to the brain. Imagine your spinal cord as the red velvet rope, and your brain as the coolest club in town. The Gate Control Theory is the bouncer, deciding who gets in and who stays out.

During labor, pain messages are like the rowdy party crashers trying to storm the club.

The secret to dealing with pain during labor is having a distraction. That's where things like massage, music, and yes, even using a toothed comb, come into play. They help with the diversion tactics and keep the gate (your brain) busy with pleasant distractions. As the labor progresses, the gate starts to welcome some new guests – oxytocin and endorphins. They bring the good vibes, bonding, and natural pain relief.

Changing distraction techniques throughout labour can help your body adjust and catch up with those good hormones, and help you process through labour.

Another benefit of using a comb is the ability to control those sensations. While working through labour it can sometimes feel out of control and this method gives you back some of that control. You can adjust the pressure and speed of the comb's movement to your own comfort and pain levels. Experiment with different techniques to find what works best for you.

There's also a belief that squeezing the comb can activate acupressure points in the hands which also help release those helpful endorphins to help take away the pain.

This labour tool is low cost, has no risks & many people swear by it!

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